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Have you heard of the Xnxx porn site? Well, it's one of the most visited porn sites on the internet. Created around the 2000s, at the beginning of the technological revolution that gave rise to the internet as we know it today (with all its sites that offer adult content for free), the site is one of the oldest in the porn niche, being that it is possible to perceive this because of some of its characteristics. For example, the site layout itself demonstrates the antiquity of the template, which is from a time when the pornographic industry market was very different. Another point that shows this is the vast database of the site, which in 18 years of history has accumulated almost 8 million videos.


is divided into a few sections, which separate the content of the site according to the formats in which they are made available. There is the part dedicated to the dissemination of videos, which is the most accessed part of the site, in addition to others that publish photos, erotic stories, forums for sharing stories and sexual stories and games with this porn theme.

Xnxx Videos

The Brazilian presence in Xnxx videos is notorious. For the lusophone user, that is, that speaks Portuguese, there is the advantage of all content being translated into that language, including the titles of the videos. In addition, there is also much material of Brazilian origin posted on the site, either being videos made by Brazilian producers, or productions containing Brazilian interpreters.
This presence can be measured by the prevalence of some tags on the site, that is, search filters related to Brazilian porn, for example, the Brasileirinhas producer, considered the largest in any country. Names of actors and actresses related to this producer (such as Alexandre Frota, Kid Bengala, Marcia Imperator, Bruna Ferraz etc.) are also very present in the Xnxx video search, as well as such acts as exhibitionism and anal sex. Also can be quoted physical characteristics much sought after in the site, like big buttocks and breasts full in naughty little girls.

Xnxx Porn

In addition, it is possible to cite varied pornographic categories of the site Xnxx, that classify and reflect the rich diversity of the adult content available in the database. Because of the limitation of this space, we limit ourselves to mention the most accessed.
Among the most searched tags on the site you can find everything. Virtually all sexualities and gender identities are encompassed, with the massive presence of videos of transsexuals, homosexual bisexuals, despite the prevalence of porn portraying heterosexual practices. The age group is also highly assorted, and you can find porn with 18-year-old actresses until videos with ripe and sexy crowns, also known as MILFs ("Mom I'd Like to Fuck" Mother I would like to fuck "). Also you can not complain about the lack of Xnxx group sex videos, since you can find pornography of surubas, orgies, gangbang and swing parties.
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